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TurboEdit - assembler editor

It si already many years (1996) I made this editor for me to be used with Turbo Assember 3.0 tools. It was used only for a short period of time but as it is unique in some features, I publish it now for anybody who may use it. In general it is and specialized editor for assembler source codes with kind of automatic formatting. It most resembles the Proxima made Prometheus editor for ZX spectrum i.e. Z80 cpu.

Here is how it looks like in the action

It is a "single" line editor - i.e. the editing happens only in one line. You do not need to special format the lines, the editor will reformat the line after you press enter. It also has a "non assembler" mode, but that's not anything special. It has an "option" to reformat complete file, either if you change formatting, or for code that was not written in TE. It separates also working files to another directory etc.

It was written in Turbo Pascal language. The source is included (GPL). I remember it had some disadvantages - mainly it was at that time disk intensive as it used to work directly with disk files. Also it is not the fastest beast on the planet as it redraws complete screens. E.g. in menu but you do not need to use menu, just a keyboard.

To run it I use dosbox

dosbox TE33E.EXE

It is not utf8 aware editor, you may have problems with accented letters. Also this is a DOS tool, everything has to have DOS EOLs.

You may find some help in /doc directory. Most of the code description and doc is in czech language. Help and short README is in english.


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