12.12.2012 23:06

13 years with Siemens mobiles

After 13 years I interrupted the line of using Siemens mobile phones. Sadly Siemens gave up in this business, as cheap phone pressure and phones for one season are a clear trend, and this was not a target for them. Their decision was good after all. Good for them, not for me.

I started in 1999 with C25, then moved to C35i, had a short period with Sagem 929, but I give it away soon, this French technology did not fit me well and I set for myself "Sagem no more" here.

After this I moved to M35i which was not available at the same time as C35 and was bit rare.

Then I stayed many years with ME45 - from 2002. Even thou my review was a bit critical, looking back, this phone was a real Phone. My review, while modified by redaction, was available also at mobilmania.

M45 I left it in favour of M75 in 2009 as a transition from IrDA only to bluetooth devices. M75 is one of the last phones having IrDA together with BT, after years the IrDA came back to serve as a remote in new phones and bluetooth proved that it's one of the worst communication protocols ever, serving all and nothing. M75 was last Siemens design, but already produced under Benq. I bought it used as at that time it was not produced any more. There are only two reasons make me left M75 - missing GPS, which is today a must as many people just relay on that you have GPS and navigation today, which was not my case, and the nasty bug, that causes the calendar entries to be overwritten by missed/dialed/accepted call lists if they grow too big. The worst thing however on Siemens rugged mobiles was the soft touch rubber, that is melting after years. From that point of view the ME45 wins here again as there were only plugs made out of it. It had monochromatic display that was readable under any light conditions. Interesting is that the M75 display was still readable at direct sunlight, when you let sun shine directly in the display, today screens are absolutely unreadable. The only way to fight with daylight for them is to be brighter then sun. They lost in the first round. Here is where I moved to. Looks like some of the gains are weighted by looses as usual..

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