14.05.2007 13:44

phpBB MySQL -> PostgreSQL

Conversion of phpBB 2.0.17 forum database from MySQL to PostgreSQL (phpBB 2.0.22) is not straightforward and needs some tweaking. I'll describe how I did the conversion and what modifications were needed. I also converted DB from win1250 to UTF-8 and added czech language.

Howto switch phpBB database from MySQL to PostgreSQL

As on primary site with MySQL there was not available phpMyAdmin nor the export to PostgreSQL compatible I go just ordinary mysqldump.

First step was to convert database:

perl mysql2pgsql.perl --enc_in cp1250 dump.txt pg.sql

This I did with CVS version of mysql2pgsql perl script - this is the version I used. Otherwise you can get something in python e.g. on mysql2pgsql...

Then the most important part comes, because the conversion was not 100% OK.

You are done.

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