20.04.2007 11:31

Lifebook and Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn

As of yesterday new version of Ubuntu is available. I decided to update my Fujitsu Lifebook B142 to Ubuntu 7.04 from 6.10. Here is a short note on how things went.

To update/upgrade I used recommanded method - using Upgrade-manager. Simply clicking on it in menu was straight forward, but there were few troubles during its run.

Manager detected that it will have to download cca. 663MB of updates and that it will take cca. 2h (with my inet connection). After fluent download I had to confirm few things and upgrade manager started the upgrade. Calculated time for upgrade was cca. 2:40h. This get bit higher because I had to help several times to manager to continue. This was mainly because of initramfs generation. For unknown reason it happend several time, that it was re-generating initrd for 2.6.17 (old kernel!) and it always hung on some kind of modprobe (first time during dmsetup). The installation was stalled and nothing happened anymore. The "solution" was to

sudo pkill modprobe

The upgrade then went quite fine till next initramfs generation, but kill modprobe helped again.


After upgrade was done, I had again troubles with touchscreen driver. The evtouch version 0.8.0 that I used on Ubuntu 6.10 was not loading into new Xserver. I had to update it to 0.8.4 - this loads fine, but touchscreen was still driven by mousedrv instead evtouchdrv. The reason for that was, that for some readon also device name changed from /dev/input/event2 to /dev/input/event3.

Note: there is also a package xserver-xorg-input-evtouch in debian unstable. You can use this deb too.


With feisty 7.04 and kernel 2.6.20 I have now again poweroff working - this does not work in latest 2.6.17 kernels from edgy 6.10. I still have to add acpi=force to kernel parametrs.

WOW! :-)

Martin - 20.04.2007 15:08

I ha ve the same lifebook.
do you know witch is the last bios version?
where i can take it?
thank you very mutch

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