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01.07.2012 11:01

Humble Indie Bundle V on Linux

Is a bit of a disappointment to me. I do not play games very often, but I wanted to support the idea and games on Linux. Therefore I bought the Bundle V. Some of the games are definitely nice, with interesting ideas - no discussion here. But the state of a Linux support is not good (Fedora 16/x86_64/radeon HD 2400 pro). I did not try all the games to date, but the state is as follows:


The one I was very interested in. The Linux looks like a native port, but inside it runs a kind of Microsoft XNA framework. Quite strange on linux to see the word Microsoft in the output. The game does not work with opensource radeon driver, just the AMD catalyst. Still there are problems like choppy cursor.

BTW: The windows installation is 300MB smaller, but the installer at the beginning requires you to download .Net, XNA and DirectX from the internet.

I reported several bugs to SuperGames - they react promptly, some of the things fixed in a few days, require me to download repeatadly 1GB, but the game finally worked well at least with catalyst.

Result: OK catalyst, NOGO opensource


This is just a crossover wine wrapped windows version. It is so slow on the opensource driver, I did not saw the first fade in efect to complete. With catalyst it refuses to start due to missing DirectX.

Result: NOGO

Lone Survivor

Starts a kind of a window, but then dies on mouse over. For some reason prints something about Adobe Flash.. maybe the game is flash based? Does not work with any driver.

Result: NOGO

Sword and Sorcery EP

This is the only game that runs smoothly with opensource driver. Everything is fluent and working without a hitch. Except the game does not work with catalyst.

Result: OK opensource, NOGO catalyst


Same kind of installer like the Bastion. Looks like a native port. Shows intro, then dies with a segfault. With catalyst I had to switch off all details, and switch to lowest resolution, otherwise unplayable.

Result: OK catalyst (while slow), NOGO opensource


Ends up with segfault - missing required OpenGL extensions. With catalyst Couldn't find matching GLX visual.

Result: NOGO

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