19.06.2012 14:12

Ubiquity AirCam

Few notes to this IP camera. While UBNT products are usually very interesting this camera was a disappointment to me. The camera can not be used self standing. It requires you to run the monitoring server. The camera itself just generates the pictures stream, the rest of the functionality is on the AIrVision server software. It is even a problem to get a single picture out of the camera. It is possible only thru the login to the web interface and snapshot.cgi script and not in the full resolution. UBNT is promising improvements to the camera firmware and AirVision software for a long time, but it is still nowhere. Just check the forum.ubnt.com. The quality of the picture or stream generated by camera is also doubtful. First it is hard to focus correctly the camera, there is so called noise reduction - generally the blur of the image. Getting sharp picture is almost impossible. Second problem is the dynamic range and white balancing which is really bad/absent. This makes impossible to point the camera to the land/sky as the picture is either too dark or too bright. Third is the absence of IR light and presence of IR filter on the len, making the camera blind during the night. The lens have IR filter, therefore you can not use the external IR light either.

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