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Graphics card overview

Small summary of actual Nvidia  and ATI GPUs by Martin Salac.

Provided as is without any warranty.

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See also: rojakpot, techreport.

MTexels X MPixels - be aware of MTexels and MPixels differences:

Texel is a Texture pixel. MTexels/s represents more or less, how fast the graphics card is able to fetch texture pixels from memory.
Pixel is a processed texture pixel. MPixels/s represents how fast the graphics card is able to process textures and put then on the screen.

GFX CardArchitectureClock SpeedMemory SpeedMemory SizeMemory BandwidthRAM-DACFill Rate Pixels/sCore
GFX CardPixel PipelinesTexture units / pipelineTextures per clockMemory Bus WidthChipset Technologies
Geforce 2 MX256-bit175Mhz166Mhz32Mb2.7Gb/s350Mhz350 Million/sNV15
Geforce 2 MX224128-BitT&L (second generation)
Geforce 4 MX 420256-bit250Mhz166Mhz (SDR)64Mb2.7Gb/s350Mhz500 MillionNV17 / NV18
Geforce 4 MX 420248128-BitLightspeed Memory - Architecture II. NView Display. Accuview II
Geforce 4 MX 440256-bit270Mhz400Mhz (DDR)64Mb6.4Gb/s350Mhz540 MillionNV17 / NV18
Geforce 4 MX 440248128-Bit
Geforce 4 MX 460256-bit300Mhz550Mhz (DDR)64Mb8.8Gb/s350Mhz600 MillionNV17 / NV18
Geforce 4 MX 460248128-Bit
Geforce 4 Ti 4200256-bit250Mhz500Mhz (DDR)64 /128Mb8.0Gb/sDual 350Mhz1 BillionNV25 / NV28
Geforce 4 Ti 4200428128-BitNfiniteFX II engine. Lightspeed Memory - Architecture II. NView Display. Accuview II Dual Vertex Shaders
Geforce 4 Ti 4400256-bit270Mhz550Mhz (DDR)128Mb8.7Gb/sDual 350Mhz1.1 BillionNV25
Geforce 4 Ti 4400428128-Bit
Geforce 4 Ti 4600256-bit300Mhz600Mhz (DDR)128Mb10.4Gb/sDual 350Mhz1.2 BillionNV25
Geforce 4 Ti 4600428128-Bit
Geforce 4 Ti 4800256-bit300Mhz650Mhz (DDR)128Mb10.4Gb/sDual 350Mhz1.2 BillionNV28
Geforce 4 Ti 4800428128-Bit
Geforce 4 Ti 4800SE 256-bit275Mhz550Mhz (DDR)128Mb8.8Gb/sDual 350Mhz1.1 BillionNV28
Geforce 4 Ti 4800SE 428128-Bit
Geforce FX 5200256-bit250Mhz400Mhz (DDR)128Mb6.4Gb/sDual 400Mhz1 BillionNV34
Geforce FX 5200428128-BitCineFX DDR-II (5800 only) 8x AGP NView Display Intellisample Technology
Geforce FX 5200 Ultra256-bit350Mhz650Mhz (DDR)128Mb10.4Gb/sDual 400Mhz1.4 BillionNV34
Geforce FX 5200 Ultra428128-Bit
Geforce FX 5600256-bit325Mhz550Mhz (DDR)256Mb8.8Gb/sDual 400Mhz1.3 BillionNV31
Geforce FX 5600428128-Bit
Geforce FX 5600 Ultra256-bit350Mhz800Mhz (DDR)256Mb12.8Gb/sDual 400Mhz1.4 BillionNV31
Geforce FX 5600 Ultra428128-Bit
Geforce FX 5800256-bit475Mhz900Mhz (DDR)256Mb14.5Gb/sDual 400Mhz1.9 BillionNV30
Geforce FX 5800428128-Bit
Geforce FX 5800 Ultra256-bit400Mhz800Mhz (DDR)128Mb12.8Gb/sDual 400Mhz1.6 BillionNV30
Geforce FX 5800 Ultra428128-Bit
Geforce FX 5900 Ultra256-bit500Mhz1Ghz (DDR)128Mb16Gb/sDual 400Mhz4.0 BillionNV35
Geforce FX 5900 Ultra428256-BitCineFX 2.0, DDR-II, 8x AGP NView Display, Intellisample
Geforce FX 5950 Ultra256-bit450Mhz850Mhz (DDR)256Mb27.2Gb/sDual 400Mhz1.8 BillionNV38
Geforce FX 5950 Ultra428256-Bit
Geforce 6800 Ultra256-bit475Mhz950Mhz (DDR)256Mb30.4Gb/sDual 400Mhz1.9 BillionNV40
Geforce 6800 Ultra16116256-bitCineFX 3.0, GDDR-3 memory, Intellisample 3.0, High-Precision Dynamic-Range (HPDR) Technology, UltraShadow II
Matrox Parhelia512-bit220Mhz550Mhz (DDR)128Mb17.6Gb/sDual 400Mhz880 Million

Matrox Parhelia4416256-Bit16x FSAA, TV Encoder, Triple monitor support
Radeon 7500256-bit290Mhz460Mhz (DDR)64Mb7.4Gb/s350Mhz580 MillionR200
Radeon 75002316128-BitFSAA, Hyper Z, Charisma Engine
Radeon 8500256-bit275Mhz550Mhz (DDR)64Mb8.8Gb/sDual 400Mhz1.1 BillionR250
Radeon 8500428128-BitTruform, Smoothvision,  Hyper Z II, Charisma Engine II, Pixel Tapestry II
Radeon 9000 Pro256-bit275Mhz550Mhz (DDR)64Mb8.8Gb/sDual 400Mhz1.1 BillionRV250
Radeon 9000 Pro414128-Bit
Radeon 9500 Pro256-bit275Mhz550Mhz (DDR)128Mb8.6Gb/sDual 400Mhz2.2 BillionR300
Radeon 9500 Pro818128-BitHyper Z III, Smoothvision 2.0, SmartShader 2.0, Truform 2.0, Video Shader
Radeon 9600 Pro256-bit400Mhz600Mhz (DDR)128Mb9.6Gb/sDual 400Mhz1.6 BillionR300
Radeon 9600 Pro414128-BitSmoothvision 2.1, SmartShader 2.1, Video Shader, Hyper Z III
Radeon 9700 Pro256-bit325Mhz620Mhz (DDR)128Mb19.4Gb/sDual 400Mhz2.6 BillionR300
Radeon 9700 Pro818256-BitHyper Z III, Smoothvision 2.0, SmartShader 2.0, Truform 2.0, Video Shader
Radeon 9800 Pro256-bit375Mhz675Mhz (DDR)128Mb / 256Mb21.8Gb/sDual 400Mhz3.04 BillionR350
Radeon 9800 Pro818256-BitSmart Shader 2.1 Hyper Z III+, Smoothvision 2.1
Radeon 9800 XT256-bit412Mhz730Mhz (DDR)256Mb23.4Gb/sDual 400Mhz3.296 BillionR360
Radeon 9800 XT818256-Bit
Radeon X800 XT256-bit525Mhz1.15Ghz (DDR)512Mb Max36.8Gb/sDual 400Mhz8.4 BillionR420


GFX CardPixel PipelinesTexture Units per PipeVertex Shaders
Chipset Technologies
Geforce 6200128-Bit500Mhz (DDR)300Mhz128Mb8.0Gb/sDual 400Mhz1.2 BillionNV43V
Geforce 620041364/128-BitCineFX 3.0 Ultra Shadow II Intellisample 3.0 (No colour or Z-compression)
Geforce 6600128-Bit550Mhz (DDR)300Mhz128Mb11.2Gb/sDual 400Mhz2.4BillionNV43
Geforce 6600813128-Bit
Geforce 6600 GT128-Bit1Ghz (DDR)500Mhz256Mb16Gb/sDual 400Mhz4 BillionNV43
Geforce 6600 GT813128-Bit
Geforce 6800256-bit700Mhz (DDR)325Mhz256Mb22.4Gb/sDual 400Mhz3.9BillionNV40
Geforce 68001215256-BitCineFX 3.0, Pixel Shader 3.0 Vertex Shader 3.0, Ultra Shadow II Intellisample 3.0
Geforce 6800 GT256-Bit1Ghz (DDR)350Mhz256Mb32Gb/sDual 400Mhz5.6BillionNV40
Geforce 6800 GT1616256-Bit
Geforce 6800 Ultra256-Bit1.1Ghz (DDR)425Mhz256/512 Mb35.2Gb/sDual 400Mhz6.4 BillionNV40
Geforce 6800 Ultra1616256-Bit
Geforce 7800 GTX256-Bit1.2Ghz430Mhz256Mb38.4Gb/sDual 400Mhz6.88 BillionG70
Geforce 7800 GTX24168256-Bit
Radeon X300 SE64-Bit400Mhz (DDR)325Mhz128Mb3.2Gb/sDual 400Mhz1.3BillionR300
Radeon X300 SE412256-BitSmartshader 2.0, Smoothvision 2.1 Hyper-Z III, Videoshader
Radeon X300128-Bit400Mhz (DDR)325Mhz128Mb6.4Gb/sDual 400Mhz1.3BillionR300
Radeon X300412256-Bit
Radeon X600 Pro128-Bit600Mhz (DDR)400Mhz128/256 Mb9.6Gb/sDual 400Mhz1.6 BillionR300
Radeon X600 Pro412256-BitSmartshader 2.0, Smoothvision 2.1 Hyper-Z III, Videoshader
Radeon X600 XT128-Bit740Mhz (DDR)500Mhz256Mb11.8G/bDual 400Mhz2 BillionR300
Radeon X600 XT412256-Bit
Radeon X700128-Bit600Mhz (DDR)400Mhz128Mb9.6Gb/sDual 400Mhz3.36 BillionR300
Radeon X700816256-BitSmartshader HD, Smoothvision HD HyperZ HD, Videoshader HD 3Dc
Radeon X700 Pro128-Bit864Mhz (DDR)420Mhz256Mb13.8Gb/sDual 400Mhz3.8 BillionR300
Radeon X700 Pro816256-Bit
Radeon X700 XT128-Bit1.05Ghz475Mhz128/256 Mb16.8Gb/sDual 400Mhz4 BillionR300
Radeon X700 XT816256-Bit
Radeon X800256-Bit700Mhz (DDR)400Mhz128Mb22.4Gb/sDual 400Mhz4.8 BillionR420
Radeon X8001216256-BitSmartshader HD Smoothvision HD  HyperZ HD  Videoshader HD 3Dc
Radeon X800 Pro256-Bit900Mhz (DDR)475Mhz256Mb28.8Gb/sDual 400Mhz5.7 BillionR420
Radeon X800 Pro1216256-Bit
Radeon X800 XL256-Bit1Ghz (DDR)400Mhz256Mb31.4Gb/sDual 400Mhz6.4 BillionR420
Radeon X800 XL1616256-Bit
Radeon X800 XT256-Bit1Ghz (DDR)500Mhz512Mb Max32Gb/sDual 400Mhz8 BillionR420
Radeon X800 XT1616256-Bit
Radeon X800 XT PE256-Bit1.12Ghz (DDR)520Mhz256Mb35.8Gb/sDual 400Mhz8.32 BillionR420
Radeon X800 XT PE1616256-Bit
Radeon X850 Pro256-Bit1.08Ghz (DDR)520Mhz256Mb34.6Gb/sDual 400Mhz6.24 BillionR420
Radeon X850 Pro1216256-BitAlthough the X850 does have a different chip, the architecture is the same as the X800. Improvements have been made in the manufacturing process
Radeon X850 XT256-Bit1.08Ghz (DDR)520Mhz256Mb34.6Gb/sDual 400Mhz8.32 BillionR420
Radeon X850 XT1616256-Bit
Radeon X850 PE256-Bit1.18Ghz (DDR)540Mhz256Mb37.8Gb/sDual 400Mhz8.64 BillionR420
Radeon X850 PE16166256-Bit

AGP only
ChipGPU speedRAM speedMemory bandwidthMemory busRendering PipelinesAGPDirectX
GF FX5950 Ultra475 MHz475 MHz30.4 GB/s256 Bit48x9
GF FX5900 Ultra450 MHz425 MHz27.2 GB/s256 Bit48x9
GF FX5900400 MHz425 MHz27.2 GB/s256 Bit48x9
GF FX5900XT390 MHz350 MHz22.4 GB/s256 Bit48x9
GF FX5800 Ultra500 MHz500 MHz16.0 GB/s128 Bit48x9
GF FX5800400 MHz400 MHz12.8 GB/s128 Bit48x9
GF FX5700 Ultra475 MHz450 MHz14.4 GB/s128 Bit48x9
GF FX5700425 MHz275 MHz8.8 GB/s128 Bit48x9
GF FX5600 Ultra350 MHz350 MHz11.2 GB/s128 Bit48x9
GF FX5600325 MHz275 MHz8.8 GB/s128 Bit48x9
GF FX5200 Ultra325 MHz325 MHz10.4 GB/s128 Bit48x9
GF FX5200250 MHz200 MHz6.4 GB/s128 Bit48x9
Radeon 9800XT412 MHz365 MHz23.4 GB/s256 Bit88x9
Radeon 9800Pro380 MHz340 MHz21.8 GB/s256 Bit88x9
Radeon 9700Pro325 MHz310 MHz19.8 GB/s256 Bit88x9
Radeon 9600XT500 MHz300 MHz9.6 GB/s128 Bit48x9
Radeon 9600Pro400 MHz300 MHz9.6 GB/s128 Bit48x9
Radeon 9500Pro275 MHz270 MHz8.64 GB/s128 Bit88x9
Radeon 9500275 MHz270 MHz8.64 GB/s128 Bit48x9
Radeon 9200250 MHz200 MHz6.40 GB/s128 Bit48x8

Video modes

Side ratio
VGA 640 X 4804:3
SVGA 800 X 6004:3
XGA 1024 X 7684:3
WXGA 1280 X 8008:5 (16:10)
QVGA 1280 X 9604:3
SXGA 1280 X 10245:4
SXGA+ 1400 X 10504:3
UXGA 1600 X 12004:3
WSXGA+ 1680 X 10508:5 (16:10)
WUXGA 1920 X 12008:5 (16:10)
QXGA 2048 X 15364:3
QSXGA 2560 X 20485:4
QSXGA+ 2800 X 21004:3
QUXGA 3200 X 24004:3

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