03.11.2011 20:26
03.11.2011 14:51

Weatherstation TOPCOM 265 NE - Three years later

After three years I've changed the batteries in both station (3x) and sensors (2x). There were Duracell Plus batteries (I am not a fan of Duracell, but I replaced them with Duracell Ultra). Old batteries from station still show 1.49V, this means they are still in a good shape. The batteries in sensors are showing 1.18V, which means those need to be replaced. Removing batteries from station causes finally the total rain to be reset - well, whole station is reset. However it seems to be possible to replace batteries in the station without loosing data. If you replace the batteries one by one, and you are fast enough, the station has some capacitance inside, so it remains on for few seconds even without battery.

Outdoor plastic parts are somewhat worn, but in acceptable condition. There are some spikes in the values after the reset of the station, but it looks they are slowly heading to the same values as before reset as sensors are getting used to new voltage.

05.2013 - the outdoor sensors died almost all withing one month. First the rain sensor stopped to supply anything at the output, then wind speed sensor starts to block (something inside hard-blocks the propeller), wind direction is scrubing. Changed also the radio unit as it range is lowering.

Here are a pictures from weather measurements for three years. You can make a picture of how the climate goes here in Czech Republic (this is of course averaged):

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