01.10.2005 19:31

Pentax Optio 555 - what you wanted to know

Pentax Optio 555 is 2 years old digital camera (18.9.2005). Its design si more or less gray, however its features are, especialy for this aged camera, very rich.


What you wanted to know

USB connector in camera is non-standard. This is combined connector for USB/AV (but two cables: camer-USB and camera-SVIDEO). The USB cable can not be simply replaced with standard one, only original Pentax I-USB7 could be used. The connector on USB cable to camera is so tiny, that it is hard to put in and put out. It can happen soon that you rip out cable isolation or even wires from connector.

Movies do not record sound, even though camera can record sound!
Camera can record movies with audio - but not with Fast Forward set to anything else than Off.

Mode dial can not be easily switched with one finger.

Shutter button is so sunken in dial that taking a shot could cause you move the camera.

TIFF images are only possible with highest resolution, one image is 15MB.

Battery pack could be easily inserted rotated (there are no rails) - both to camera and charger, however this does not damage anything.

Under some stright light conditions there could happen white stripes appear on LDC, what's worse in reduced form also in image.

During movie recording you can not change zoom or any other image parameters.

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