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09.10.2011 10:41

New log system - NGblog

After a lot of years of successful usage of Pivot blog I've left it. The reason for this is that the Pivot branch 1.40 is not maintained anymore and it is starting to loose a functionality, which I am not able to fix.

The second concern is that the version of Pivot X is getting too much complicated for me. I am a KISS man. So I wrote my own system. Its idea is very simple - NO DUPLICATION.

1. My aim was to use as much as possible of the things that UNIX system can do for me.

2. Second was to use the newly introduced contentEditable for the editor. This is a one man log, no multiuser, no multibrowser = no troubles. Easy way to write post, add pictures (transfer them thru scp, then just include it and resize). The contentEditable editor I wrote is not perfect but I can live with it as it allows me to switch to pure HTML.

3. The third idea, that fits the usage of existing functions, is to use a mail to post comments. I've not found anybody using this so far, but it looks very essential. First mail is filtered from spam by mail system. Second if somebody sends a comment he is identified, no logging in is needed. It also creates a barrier without captcha, to post a comment.

(This function is disabled for now, I need to make sure it is safe. This is like comments beeing moderated, they first end up in my mail and I process them manually.)

4. The log can be used also from shell command line and actually some actions are command line only.

5. It generates static HTML. No overhead when serving the pages.

"Ing. Jiri Mothejzik" :
Ahoj Covexi,
napisu cesky, snad to nebude vadit. Pokud bys to chtel postnout, tak to
klidne prelozim. ;)

Mam par otazek:

1) pokud se postuje komentar, bude videt mail i na webu, nebo jen treba
jmeno z mailu? Myslim, ze by tohle mohlo hodne lidi odradit od postovani
(a aktualne odrazuje proste to, ze tam tato informace chybi).

2) prave zkoumam ruzne blogy a nenasel jsem zatim zadny, ktery by mi
vyhovoval. Na druhou stranu vlastnosti, ktere jsi popsal, mi sedi celkem
dobre. Otazka tedy je - nechtel by ses podelit? :)

Mej se krasne, ahoj
Adam Pribyl :
Komentar by se mel zobrazit rovnou u prispevku po odeslani. Zatim prochazi
pres muj mailbox, takze je jakoby moderovan (nutno na mail pustit
zpracovani do podoby komentare), v budoucnu by se mely zpracovat rovnou.

Ne ze bych sve dilo nechtel zverejnit, ale je to jina uroven vytvareni
1. stale ho upravuju, kdyz se mi neco nelibi, hrabnu do toho
2. je to pomerne dost svazane s uctem v shellu (napr. maily/komentare
zpracovava maildrop)
3. neni to blbuvzdorne a konfigurovatelne a do jiste miry je pritomen
prvek "security by obscurity", protoze jsem to psal obcas dost nevybirave

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