19.08.2020 18:23
19.08.2020 18:18

Atom L vs. Cubot KKM

Let's see how Cubot King Kong Mini stands here. Unihertz Atom L is much better device in every direction, except one - size and weight (224->122g). They have the same diagonal display size but KKM has lower screen resolution, KKM display is bit higher and narrower, but this small difference makes the Atom L to have comfortable onscreen keyboard. Otherwise KKM is having older android 9, no fingerprint, something like 2 rear cameras (only one is used) but worse 13MP pictures, slower camera, worse LED, the holes for the strap are at left upper corner - a bad idea as strap hangs over the display, no NFC, half the cores and slower, half the RAM, only 32GB of flash (but SD card support), oldschool sim slots under screws, not a water tight USB-C (has a plug), no headphone jack, no extra button, half the battery capacity (actually 4300->1700, but is replaceable after removal of screws) , no extra sensors and tools, GPS only, single colour notification LED, adaptive brightness is useless on latest update, quite bad loudspeaker and miserable ringtones, less frequencies.. etc. etc.

But the FORM FACTOR is what makes it great!

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